Based on an independent Marketing Study and Demand Projections:

  • As part of the city’s economic development infrastructure, the completed Laredo Conference Center will encourage economic growth
  • Downtown Laredo will experience an increase in visitors looking to spend their dollars on dining, entertainment and shopping close to the Center
  • An increase in visitors will lead to greater interest among locals, who in turn will increase their time spent in the downtown area
  • The city, as a whole, will not only enjoy the increased activity of visitors and locals, but will also have an opportunity to meet industry professionals and corporate event planners who are looking for interesting new locations and venues to host their events
  • For locals, the center will replace the former civic center and provide a much-needed venue for civic functions. Opportunities include hosting local meetings, conferences, and other events such as those held by WBCA, the Chamber of Commerce, LULAC and numerous non-profit organizations


The project’s probable costs are not finalized as the project is still in the conceptual design and feasibility phase. The project scope and costs are expected to be finalized and available by late February 2018.


The current conceptual design options have anticipated the following areas:

  • Column-Free Ballroom (1) – 21,600 SF
  • Meeting Rooms (6) – 7,380 SF
  • Boardrooms (2)
  • Gallery (1)
  • Outdoor Terraces – 10,000 SF
  • Administrative Office
  • Service
  • Pre-Function – being defined
  • Support (Kitchen/Housekeeping) – being defined
  • Mechanical – being defined


  • 907 Zaragoza Property – 3,541 SF
  • 915 Zaragoza (Casa Ortiz) Property – 6,109 SF